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About the Author

       My name is Latosha Faulkner. I was born and raised in the state of Mississippi. For the last eight years I have been in the healthcare field. I have cared for clients with all kind of disabilities and disorders. I must say that it was an honor to be able to take care of anyone. During my field of work, I have gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom regarding life and different diseases.

       I always wanted to be a writer since I can remember. You wonder what pushed me over the edge, triggering me to go ahead and write? Let's just say it was meant to be. My first book was written with the purpose to bring about HIV awareness and to prevent the spread of HIV. I wanted to also help the uneducated become educated. I have 2 other books that I am working on. 

       I am in school working toward my Master's in Behavioral Health. My goals are to become a Counselor to help talk to those wanting a trustworthy ear. My life has not been pictured perfect. I have run into my share of terrible relationships. I experienced betrayal, abuse, anxieties, suicidal thoughts with 1 attempt, and more. I will never forget the time someone held a gun to my head. Bad things we go through in life have a purpose to destroy us, but you can defeat the purpose.One thing I learned is that you must make yourself happy and anyone that comes along is additional. I plan to share more about my life as I move forward with my writing career.